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At Amril, we always strive to give the best advice and guidance to our clients. These businesses have very kindly given us a testimonial about our work for them.

We are passionate about supporting business, so if you have any questions, give us a call.

Amril Debt Recovery specialists, recently successfully recovered a debt for me where other firms failed. 

I’m based in North America and purchased from a UK company car parts that were never delivered. After a year, when it became evident that the UK company were not able to provide the car parts, I requested my money back but the UK company then stopped responding to my phone calls and emails. 

I initially retained a UK lawyer that was able to receive a county court judgement (CCJ) against the UK company in my favour. However, even with the CCJ, after seven months the lawyer was not able to recover my money. During the process the lawyer did not offer regular updates and I had to repeatedly ask what the status was and what the next steps were.

The lawyer had tried using two separate High Court Enforcement (HCE) officers to recover my money and neither were successful. The UK company was based in a private residence which limited the recovery methods that could be used. The HCE officers had difficulty in locating the address, eventually found it, left a couple of letters and looked in the windows but never made contact with the UK company. Eventually, the HCE officers reported “Unfortunately under the circumstances there is no more we can do in this matter…”.

I decided to hire a debt recovery firm directly. After an internet search I contacted Graham Sands of Amril and I immediately received a very different and very high level of service. 

Graham quickly gathered all the facts, ploughed through all the paperwork, arranged for information traces and asset searches and in partnership with Wayne Whitford of Court Enforcement Services Limited identified multiple options and strategies to recover my money. They then got a very successful result and quickly recovered the bulk of my money. They also arranged a monthly payment schedule with the UK company until I received the full amount of the money owing to me.

I am very impressed and pleased with Amril Limited and Court Enforcement Services Limited and I would highly recommend their services. Since I was halfway around the world it was reassuring to have local experts pursuing this for me and then ultimately delivering a very successful result. 

Ken Hilash Principal Consultant at Resultra Project Management Inc, Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3P 2N4

I decided I was getting nowhere with resolving my debt problem, after years of gentle and then strong negotiations and arguments. I had some preliminary meetings with my solicitor but soon realised that I would be driven down a road of vast expense and difficulty.

Having no experience to draw on or colleagues’ advice, I searched the internet in the hope of finding inspiration. I was lucky as it turned out I found Amril !. I picked Amril above other debt recovery agents due to a clear and straight forward message on their web page. 

After a long in depth phone conversation with Graham, I was encouraged to pursue my debtor. We had many phone calls to explore my situation and Graham, through it all, was very interested and informative of all the procedures. I was confident to go forward and spend money on a search of my debtors assets.

My particular case was not at all straight forward and Graham pursued it all like a “dog with a bone” and had to fight to get a result. It took several months of work to achieve success. Although in the end I did not manage to retrieve all I was owed, I did however receive a substantial amount of it.  I cannot thank Graham and his team enough for all the hard work that I know went in to this case.

I highly recommend anyone with commercial Debts to talk to Amril and Graham, they know what they are talking about and they get results. 

It is weight off your shoulders to get these issues resolved and I would definitely recommend Graham and Amril.

Steve Gynn, Motor Engineers, Chertsey, Surrey

We were faced with a bad debt of over £2000.

This went on for over 18 months and we had resigned ourselves to not getting any money back and writing off the debt.

Despite our best efforts in trying to clear that that our “customer” kept avoiding us, we even went through the courts and were granted a CCJ but we were now dealing with the Phoenix company.

We contacted Amril Ltd and explained the situation to them, and after our discussions we felt we might actually have a chance of reclaiming the debt from our customer. *

Amril arranged to visit the Directors of the company who owed us the money. Amril managed to mediate with the customer and secured over 70% back of the bad debt.

Without their help, we would have ended up writing the total amount off, so we are indebted to Amril for their help and advice. We have now decided to use Amril Ltd for all our credit management issues.

Scott Wharton, Qube Print Ltd

We had a large debt that went back well over a year, with a customer that kept giving us the run around. We agreed  payment schedules but they were never stuck to, so in the end it was time to look for a debt collection company. 

After looking on the Internet a company called Amril looked the most promising, and after a quick email we were soon talking with Graham Sands.

Graham understood the situation and asked for copies of the debt and any other information that would help him. 

Graham must have made an impression, as we received a phone call from the customer who wasn’t happy! It was explained that as we were given the run around, and he went out of his way to avoid us whenever we phoned or went to see him, we were left with no other option.

We were always given updates by Graham and a deadline was set for when the debt should be settled. This deadline passed and the debt was still outstanding. We got back in contact with Graham and informed him of the situation. 

Graham had obviously done his homework, as he had found assets that he would pursue if the debt wasn’t settled. With this knowledge he, we could only imagine, read the riot act to our customer, as a text arrived saying the funds would be with us in the morning and very surprisingly they were. 

We can’t thank Amril and Graham enough for getting this debt settled on our behalf.

We would recommend Amril without hesitation, the service they offer is professional and they are extremely resilient in what they do.

Once again thank you for your help.

Mark Hunter, MD, Express Car Parts & Accessories

Thank you Graham and Amril for all your hard work so far this year.

Outsourcing our credit control earlier this year enabled us to focus on the core activities of continued profitable sales growth. We estimate that the efficiency of your credit control service has added an ongoing fifty thousand pounds to our cashflow and, even better, none of our clients have realised that you are not operating from our offices.

We would not hesitate recommending your services.

Peter A Smith, Finance Director

Lilly Healthcare Ltd are a caring company that outsource carers to the private and government sectors.

Unfortunately we have had a few difficulties with some of our clients and needed the support of an experienced Debt Recovery Agency.
We managed to find a few and whittled it down to Amril Ltd.  Our first contact was with the owner Graham Sands, who we found very supportive and knowledgeable of our predicament.  Graham explained the process and what support we would receive, which we felt was very detailed indeed.

Amril’s team are very professional and courteous and kept us completely up to date with all progress.  Within a matter of 24hrs Graham had secured a payment plan that we were happy with, knowing that if any payments were missed further harsher action would be put in place.  The Payment Plan was detailed and gave no room to deviate from the plan which was agreed and signed by the Director of the company.  Within four months the debt had been paid in full.  We will have no hesitation in using Graham and Amril again and they come highly recommended.

Lily Healthcare Limited

I was extremely impressed by Amril’s performance in recovering aged debt for me when I left the Bar.

I had been using other agents to pursue unpaid invoices from dozens of different solicitors and companies, with little success. Graham quickly understood the complex structure of the market and the need for tact and diplomacy.

I was reassured by their structured approach and regular updates. Most importantly, a very high proportion of the invoices were recovered with a minimum of input form myself.

Amril’s approach was consistently polite and professional. For those concerned about maintaining professional relationships, I would suggest speaking to Graham by phone.

I am very grateful to the team for their efforts and would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Tom Henderson-Silver, Barrister

We were recommended by a fellow director to speak to Graham at Amril regarding some Business Debt Collection work we wanted to discuss with them.  We were having serious issues over late payment and non payment of outstanding invoices, and some were well over a year old.

We discussed our concerns with Graham, he came up with a few proposals.  We were sceptic because we had done everything we could to resolve the issues with our customers. 

The service offered was on a No win, No fee debt recovery proposal, Graham was pretty confident, we weren’t!

We have used a Debt Collection Company before and have been disappointed with the results, and we had to pay for the service.   

Graham’s only rule was to get the debts to him within seven days and to not delay the process, to be fair the process was very simple, so we got the information to him within a couple of days and it suited us because we wanted our money.

We initially passed two debts, one customer agreed a payment plan to clear the debt and another paid off the debt in full once Amril discussed the case with them.

We then passed Graham three more debts.  

One customer needed a little more time, which Amril granted and he then cleared the final payment within 2 months.

One customer paid after being taken to court and the final customer ignored all requests, including an offer of a payment plan.  This ended up in court, a County Court Judgement was granted and Graham transferred the debt to the High Court and initiated High Court Enforcement Officers.

This was a substantial debt and the funds were collected in full.

To our amazement, all debts were cleared and they were substantial.  I cannot fault Graham and Amril for their professional approach, keeping us fully informed and one of our customers came back to us and apologised. 

I cannot fault the service we were given and as a Commercial Debt Collection Agency, I recommend Amril to all my business colleagues, and more importantly we will not use anyone else.

Thank you Graham and your team.

Nick Spiller, Managing Director, Southern Asphalt Ltd

Thank you for your recent services.
Our outstanding debt has now been settled in full by our client.

The service I have received has been prompt and professional. We have been kept fully informed by yourself throughout, with regards progress.

I will have no hesitation in using your services and recommending you to others in the future.

Thanks again.

Kevin Johnson, Director, Surrey Marble & Granite Ltd

Amril have recently recovered a debt for us from a particularly awkward client who, prior to Amril’s involvement, continually failed to adhere to agreements to pay outstanding monies and persistently failed to respond to telephone calls, letter and e-mails.  

From the moment Graham Sands was engaged to recover our outstanding debt he has provided very clear information on the options available to us and acted in a very professional and firm but friendly manner with our client.

I am certain that without Graham’s involvement we would either still be pursuing our debt or would have been forced to write the debt off.

Should we be in the same position again with regards to outstanding debts in the future I would have no hesitation in asking Graham to act for us again or in recommending his services to any other company in a similar position.

Malcolm Gilbert, Managing Director, Bagley Plastering Contractors Ltd

I am very impressed by the excellent service provided by Amril.

Graham Sands, owner of Amril is very pleasant to do business with. He understands the problems relating to debtors and approaches these with a professional but friendly attitude.

As a small business we had a very large debt that had been outstanding for several months and just could not get anywhere with the company concerned. Graham approached the company immediately we called on his services and we have received regular payments from him.

The debt has now been cleared and due to the fact of Amril’s sensitive handling of the case we are again supplying the customer.

Amril would be my first choice if I needed debt collection in future.

Neville Pittman, Managing Director, Seafood and eat it

Project Management and Building Surveyors.

Amril’s persistence and tenacity has enabled a sensible compromise to be brokered with a party who, prior to Amril’s involvement, refused to communicate.

We are delighted with their approach and unreservedly recommend them.

Charles Haywood MRICS CEnv, , Director – MacConvilles Limited

Professional Electrical Contractors

Our company used Amril recently and we found them to be extremely friendly and professional. Their advice was brilliant and we got our issues closed out with a satisfactory end result. We will use Amril for all future services and will highly recommend them. Thank you for a great service.

Lee Burrell, Operations Manager , Advanced Power Services

Building Contractors

Building Contractors (green please)

I had invoices outstanding for payment with the same business going back over 18 months. After many phone calls and emails to them with their response, I decided to enlist  the services of Amril Ltd.

After many phone calls and emails to them with no response, I decided to enlist the services of Amril Ltd.

Graham was excellent and very helpful, moving very quickly to get the invoices paid, keeping me up to date and informed with all that was going on. The money was paid within 3 weeks.

I would not hesitate to recommend Amril Ltd and their services to anyone and will use them again.

Simon Thompson, MD, S & D Builders Ltd

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the excellent professional work carried out by Graham and his team on recovering a debt owed to my company.

We were owed in excess of £5k and have been chasing this for well over 4 months. We had almost given up hope obtaining this money assuming that we would not be able to obtain this through any obvious viable legal route to my company.

I discovered Amril on line. I was contacted by Graham who was excellent. He explained the process in detail, given all possible scenarios and requested all relevant information. Within 6 months the full amount owed was paid in full. I would thoroughly recommend Amril to any company or small business that are in a similar situation, where we have carried out all of the required works only to be denied payment by a very unscrupulous company who seem to run their business by not paying their debts.

Many thanks to Graham and his team for all what you have done for us and the professional honest manner in which you have conducted yourselves.

Sam Yousif, Managing Director, St George's Laundry Ltd

Heating and Plumbing Suppliers

We contacted Amril – Credit Management Specialists in April of this year due to an outstanding debt of over £5,000 which was invoiced back in early 2010.  We initially passed this debt to another debt recovery agency, but they failed to collect the debt.  I spoke to Amril’s MD, Graham Sands about the case and he confirmed that he believed he could help regain at least in part some of the funds.

After receiving the details, Amril carried out further investigations and managed to contact the sole trader, by the 11th July the majority of the debt was paid in full.  They are always extremely friendly and on hand to answer any questions and give advice. It is always reassuring to know they will do what they can to help.  We will use the services of Amril again and we have recommended them to our customers and business associates.

Paul Vallis, General Manager, JK Bathrooms Ltd

Public Sector Testimonial

Graham helped us with a couple of finance related issues. He proved to be efficient and got the job done but most importantly was tactful and respectful to the people he needed to deal with. We will use Graham again for any future requirement and would not hesitate to recommend his services especially in respect of managing customer credit.

Top qualities: great results, personable, high integrity.

Toby Knightley-Day, MD, Fr3dom Health Ltd Service category: financial advisor Linked-In referral

Information Technology Industry

Graham is very professional with his approach to debt collection. I have used his services over the last 2 years within various companies and sectors and we have always received the same result, a very quick efficient way to collect outstanding funds. I would recommend Amril’s service to anyone who is having difficulties collecting any amount from £10 to £100K and over.

It has been a pleasure working with Graham and I look forward to a great working relationship in the future.

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , On Time

Chanell Horning of Hamilton Rentals 

Linked-In referral

Hamilton Rentals Ltd

Information Technology Industry

We would like to highly recommend Amril to the business community.

Hamilton Rentals have used Amril’s debt recovery services on several occasions so far to support our collection team, and on these occasions they have been successful.

Amril’s customer service is excellent and they leave us in control so we have the opportunity to further our business relationship with our customers if we so desire. They are professional and courteous, and understand how important it is to support both parties to gain a positive result on a sometimes very difficult situation.

Amril has now become an integral part of our collection process.

Hamilton Rentals Ltd