What does that actually mean “Global Debt Collection”, well it means that if you export or do any trade in any part of the world and you are having difficulties getting paid, then you need highly professional Debt Recovery Agencies that has the reach and expertise to support companies on a global basis.

For instance, did you know that in the United Arab Emirates, mediation is the first step in the legal process because it can be arranged within 4 – 8 weeks and could save the business relationship, whereby a legal case can take up to two years before it is finalised.  The UAE Government will always request that you take the mediation route first and good debt collection agencies should now this.

Also, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from dawn until sunset.  During this period a lot of businesses in countries such as the UAE will have a reduced working day.

Knowing the customs and traditions where a business is based is an important observation, and could help when discussing any sensitive matters with your customers, especially around International Debt Collection.

Using a company such as Amril, Global Debt Collection should be part of your arsenal if you deal with companies abroad.

As a business, you need experts that understand the legal systems, the customs and the processes of the countries that your customers and suppliers work in.  As a business you need to concentrate on new business, so let the experts in International Debt Recovery help you and guide you through the different legal systems and processes that needs to be understood.

If you need help and guidance, speak to Amril, we work on a No win, No fee debt recovery basis.