Pt 2 – I’m fed up with drowning in debt

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It appears we never learn from our mistakes as a nation: (Oct 1929) The Great Depression - The worst systemic banking crisis of the 20th century. Banking crisis 1973 - 1975 Banking crisis (Credit Crunch) Mar 2008 I believe we are now heading for a new banking crisis, the only difference is that the Tax Payer [...]

I’m fed up with drowning in debt, it’s getting me down and it’s impacting on my family and friends.

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What a mouthful for a title, but I think it sums up how most people feel when it comes to debt, especially family debt but without the screaming, jumping up and down and swearing like a trooper.  Those can be added in afterwards :) My name is Graham and I run a Debt Collection Firm, but [...]

Latest Update from Amril Debt Collectors

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Business News Did you know that in 2015, 60% of Invoices were paid late, contributing to 20,000 company closures in the same year and over 70,000 in the past 3 years, that is a phenomenal figure.  That means at least 70,000 people lost their business and a shed load of money, not forgetting those that were [...]

The Skills behind Debt Collection – The Case Study

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The Skills behind Debt Collection – The Case Study You have some debts owed to you, you’re getting nowhere, and you are slowly losing patience with your customer. You have made every effort to get your money, but as time goes by, you realise it is not going to be resolved without some sort of intervention. [...]

UK International Trade Worldwide & Global Debt Recovery

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UK International Trade Worldwide & Global Debt Recovery With the promise of the United Kingdom moving away from the European Union and expanding our global reach to nations never before approached to enact new trade deals, it is vitally important that we understand the culture and business ethics of those countries we now wish to potentially [...]

Non-Recourse or Recourse Factoring that is the Question

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Non-Recourse or Recourse Factoring that is the Question The below (in bold) came from a Newsletter which I never requested to be on.  I believe we have all had to delete newsletters and other spam from time to time or you get inundated and it really pisses you off, well it does me anyway!! Yes, you [...]

Effective Collection of Business Debts

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Effective Collection of Business Debts Almost three quarters of SMEs in the UK have experienced issues with late payments, with almost half – 47% – waiting more than 30 days for payments from customers. Larger SMEs are significantly more exposed to this chronic issue of late payments. The knock-on effect of late payment can be devastating [...]

Global Debt Collection by Amril Ltd

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What does that actually mean “Global Debt Collection”, well it means that if you export or do any trade in any part of the world and you are having difficulties getting paid, then you need highly professional Debt Recovery Agencies that has the reach and expertise to support companies on a global basis. For instance, did [...]

UK and International Debt Recovery

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Why Debt Recovery is so Important Debt Recovery is an important part of running any business. UK Debt Collection can be time consuming, costly and frustrating.  International Debt Recovery brings its own headaches: language barriers, complications with the procedures of the particular country, and even the distance itself. Your cash flow can be seriously affected when [...]

Commercial Credit Management and Late Payment

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Ok, to most small businesses Credit Management means picking up the phone and chasing payments and that’s about it.  Credit Management benefits your business, it is a simple fact, let me explain. You run a business, you give credit, as well as a process for Credit Management it is also about reputation, and reputation doesn’t just [...]