Graham Sands.

Graham Sands
Graham SandsBA (Hons), FACP
My name is Graham Sands and I am the founder and managing director of Amril. I am here for you to talk to me confidentially about any issues you may have with your debt recovery. I can offer you effective solutions, individually tailored to your needs.

A little about me!

I have built up 20 years of skill in the finance industry, and I am passionate about helping businesses succeed. I have been running my own business for eight years now, and I love it I admit to being a bit of a Gym Nut, and I like doing Mud/Obstacle Runs. I enjoy relaxing with my partner, Aisling – and chilling out on the PS4!

Why did I set up Amril?

I have been in the credit management industry for well over 20 years.  I have negotiated on high value debt in the millions and have significantly reduced the aged debt for companies I was employed by.  The previous company I worked for had no bad debts whilst I was employed there. I have supported Serco and Local UK Councils in effectively recovering Salary Overpayments.

At 40, I completed my honours degree in Business.  That took time, dedication and a lot of hard work. My passion is supporting others to enhance and grow their business, and I decided that the best use of my knowledge and expertise was to do this directly through an Outsourced Credit Control and Debt Collection Company – so I took the plunge and set up Amril.

It isn’t easy accepting help.  I know… I have been there – and it cost me time and money when I was starting Amril. But I was naïve – and I admit a little proud – I thought I could do everything myself. I quickly realised that it was best to stick to what I was good at! I mean, believe me, I am no accountant, so I outsourced this to a specialist – and they do a darn sight better job than I ever could!

Since setting up Amril, our cases have been varied and diverse:

  • We have dealt with the accounts payable teams of some of the largest companies on the FTSE 100, either here in the United Kingdom or abroad – where this function has been outsourced to India, amongst others.
  • Our international work has involved assessing credit risks, and supporting the best possible solutions for sales teams to benefit from a long-term relationship.
  • Amril has knowledge of restricted stock units and how to collect them, and have chased debts nationally and internationally, for businesses of all sizes, getting them the money they deserve.

Our specialist debt collectors provide the style of work most effective for your needs and requirements. Where possible and desired, we will find a solution that continues the working relationship between the two parties.

Amril’s expertise lies in the core of the business and cash flow processes.  I am offering you our support; be it with debt collection services in the UK and worldwide, or with tightening up your procedures. You can expect:

  • Clear advice and guidance

  • Transparent pricing

  • 100% passion

  • Great results

No one wants to end up with bad debts, no matter what financial climate we are in. You want to get paid for your hard work.. I don’t like business owners being cheated out of what they are owed, be it a Corporation or a Sole Trader. I want to assist businesses in recouping outstanding invoices. After all, it is their hard-earned money. We have experience across many industries and sectors, and adopt a unique approach to each case, for both consumer and business debt recovery.

We Love To Work & We Love Where We Work

Amril’s offices are based in Brighton, but we are a national and international Recovery Business, which means you can use our debt collection services no matter where you are located.

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Our Location

Located In Brighton

Queensberry House, 106 Queens Rd, Brighton BN1 3XF, UK