Welcome To Amril

At Amril we get you the money that is rightfully yours. We deliver services by discussing your needs and giving you solutions that will swiftly resolve your late payment and debt collection issues.

We believe we are the best debt collection agency for a range of services, each with its own unique features. These are outlined on our commercial, consumer and global debt collection pages. We offer competitive prices for debt collection services in the UK and worldwide.

Amril will support your business proactively and transparently, and you will receive regular updates and reports.

Supporting Global Business

What Do We Offer You?

  • No Win – No Fee Debt Collection with no upfront fee, or a Fixed Fee Debt Recovery service, dependent on your needs
  • Competitive rates. Clear and transparent pricing
  • A skilled and professional team offering you personalised services
  • Pre-action protocol and mediation dialogue – we always endeavour to retain the business relationship, where requestedWin – No Fee Debt Collection with no upfront fee, or a Fixed Fee Debt Recovery service, dependent on your needs
  • Swift same day action
  • Amril is ISO 9001: 2008 compliant and Data Protection registered company

Amril Gives You Complete Control of Your Debt Recovery

We have the solutions to recover the money that is owed to you

The Benefits Of Using Amril

The debt recovery process can be very labour intensive and intricate. Amril understands the intricacies of commercial and consumer debt collections, and are highly skilled at tracking, tracing, negotiation and continual follow-up.  Our staff are highly trained in debt collection services here in the UK and worldwide.

We listen and then advise according to your individual needs, based on our understanding of your business, the nature and history of the debt. We have a simple application process and you pay nothing upfront. Your debt recovery commences immediately upon receipt of your instruction, and we always value and promote your relationship with your customer.

Our combined experience gives us the ability to support your company with a complete debt collection service – for both first stage debts, and older, more complex second stage debts. 

The majority of our cases have not required legal commencement, and this is only advised and instigated where we feel appropriate – and always with your agreement. For more details, please see our Litigation page.

What makes us good at what we do?

We have extensive experience in debt recovery processes and in risk and credit control.

Our team is reliable and approachable, acting as ambassadors for your company.

Amril prides itself on being a diplomatic Debt Collection Agency.  We go out of our way to recover your money, whilst preserving the relationship or closing it down amicably.

Amril uses highly effective collection techniques suited to your individual needs and requirements, and all compliant with the CSA ‘Code of Practice’.



Our blogs and articles cover all aspects of debt recovery. We try to give you as much advice as we can.



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Amril can guide you through litigation, where necessary. We only propose this route where we feel absolutely appropriate.